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Light Duty Orbital Shakers

Light Duty Orbital Shakers

Choose the Perfect Light Duty Orbital Shaker You Can Trust for Reliable Everyday Shaking

  • Designed for flexibility with your applications – OHAUS Light Duty Shakers include the ready-to-use tray and mat, or remove the mat and customize the tray with over 20 easy-to-install accessories.
  • Well-performing economical choice for your everyday laboratory shaking needs. Non-digital model offers reliable shaking across the entire speed range with the robust triple eccentric drive design.
  • Microplate shaker is designed to securely hold up to four microplates or deepwell plates, or easily install two microtube racks. Units slowly increase speed to desired setpoint to avoid splashing.
Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers

Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers

Eight Orbital Shakers Offering a Variety of Capacities and Flexibility to Maximize Sample Processing

  • Ready for your lab - all models include a tray and rubber mat and can be customized with over 70 accessory options.
  • Rely on the digital shakers' exclusive Accu-Drive shaking system for exceptional speed control, accuracy and durability. All models feature a maintenance-free motor for long-term use.
  • Protect your samples. Optimal speed ramping feature slowly increases speed to setpoint to avoid splashing. The load sensor detects unbalanced conditions and automatically reduces to a safe speed.
Extreme Environment Shakers

Extreme Environment Shakers

High Performance Orbital Shaker Designed to Withstand Extreme Environments Up To 100% Humidity

  • Defy the elements - rely on this orbital shaker's unique construction to deliver exceptional speed control, accuracy and durability under the most extreme environmental conditions.
  • Best in class load capacity to maximize efficiency in your incubator. Customize the Extreme Environment Shaker for your unique application with over 50 accessories.
  • For repeatable results, the exclusive Accu-Drive shaking system ensures speed accuracy. The triple eccentric drive provides smooth, stable shaking motion throughout the entire speed range.
Rocking & Waving Shakers

Rocking & Waving Shakers

Reliable Rocking and Waving Shakers with Simple Adjustments for Tilt Angle and Speed

  • Electronic control allows simple tilt angle and speed adjustments while the unit is still running to achieve optimal mixing
  • Achieve reproducible results you can trust with digital models. Precisely adjust the tilt angle in 1° increments with variable speed down to 1 rpm with intuitive touchpad controls.
  • Optimal speed ramping feature slowly increases speed to desired setpoint to avoid splashing. Smooth rocking or waving motion is maintained with state-of- the-art motor and electronics.
Reciprocating Shakers

Reciprocating Shakers

Providing Consistent, Repeatable Reciprocating Shaking Action for a Variety of Applications

  • A flexible unit for the lab - our multi-purpose Reciprocating Shakers can be customized to fit your unique workflow needs using a wide variety of accessories.
  • Reciprocating motion is ideal for gentle-to-vigorous mixing of separatory funnels with the sturdy separatory funnel platform. Other optional platforms for flask clamps, media bottles and tube racks.
  • Designed for safety - speed ramping feature slowly increases speed to avoid splashing. Load sensor detects unbalanced conditions and automatically reduces to a safe speed to protect samples.
High Speed Microplate Shakers

High Speed Microplate Shakers

High Speed Shaking for up to 48 Microplates

  • Sturdy, adjustable top plate secures up to 48 microplates, 6 deep well plates or small tubes less than 5 in. (12.7 cm) tall up to 7 lb. (3.2 kg).
  • For difficult to mix samples or to prevent overheating samples while shaking, the Pulse Feature can be adjusted to Pulse ON and Pulse OFF between 1 and 59 second intervals.
  • Independent LEDs and Touchpad Control for Speed and Time allow you to accurately reproduce the exact settings every time.
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